Office Partitioning Perth

Office Partitioning Perth

Share office space, more space and structure …with office partitions by Office Design

In an open plan office it is sometimes noisy and cluttered. We are the expert system for walls and help you to change with the help of high-quality Office Partitioning Perth and structures to create a communication-friendly work environment for your employees. With Office Design walls we have developed products that are flexible, functional and aesthetic.

Office Partitioning can be used as a room divider or to create new spaces. Explore the wide variety of materials, shapes and colors with which we implement your ideas of space. With a modern concept of space you give respect to your employees and clients exclusivity and performance and demonstrate their high quality standards.

Our product line includes different variants of our proprietary Office Design wall. Of course, we have designed not only to set an advantageous design, but also on the factors acoustics, sound insulation and fire protection value. Rely on our experience and our in-depth expertise. Inform yourself about the  Office Design wall 82, 100, 105 and Vista, a glass barrier, the scores with transparency and openness.

Our comprehensive services for Partition Systems: Planning, Development and Implementation

If you want to keep your office space with a system, you have found the right person. Our experts are here for you and go in order, do the following:

  1. Analysis of the situation on the ground.
  2. Create a list of requirements.
  3. Graphic design using CAD by an experienced and creative engineers.
  4. Construction by our qualified craftsmen – clean, fast and silent.

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